Why is Grammar Important to Learn English Online

grammar and english learning

In this lesson we will talk about:

What is grammar? And why is grammar important to learn a new language?

Let me remind you that the correct way to pronounce this word is “grammar”.

I have heard many people pronouncing it as “garammar” or “grammerr” or something like that. So the correct way to say this word is “grammar”

Click the play button below to listen to the correct pronunciation.

Repeat each time you listen.

Grammar, grammar, grammar. Good. Great.

So, the question is what is grammar?

Grammar is the system of any language. It refers to the rules governing a  language.

When we say grammar is the system of a language, it simply means that every language follows a set of pattern or structure to convey the message.

Grammar also means to put words together to make meaningful units.


John walks to school daily.

Now, in this sentence we see that all the words have been put in a certain order or we can say that the words have been put together under a system, structure or pattern so that they are meaningful.

Why do we need grammar to learn a new language?

There are different opinions about the importance of grammar in learning a second language.

Some think that grammar is difficult, dry and boring. It discourages people to learn a new language. Some even claim that it is counterproductive.

They think that as a child learns a first language without consciously learning rules i.e. grammar, so we can learn a new language without the need of grammar.

Although there is some truth in the above claim,  things are not so simple. When a child learns his or her first language, the context and the immediate environment is different from the one someone wants to learn a second language.

If we mimic an ideal situation like that, then we may be able to learn the second language without the need of grammar or maybe only a little bit of it.

However as you are online learners, you don’t have that ideal environment. You need to be guided. You need to learn the rules. You need to know the system of English. In other words, you need to learn grammar.

Don’t worry! Don’t get scared!

I won’t be teaching complicated grammar lessons. At this stage, you will be learning only some basic principles, so you are able to speak English correctly.

As you know these lessons have been designed to teach you English through Urdu, I will be explaining them both in English and Urdu so you don’t have problems in learning.

This was just an introduction. Stay tuned! And I will see in the next lesson. Peace be with you!

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