Vocabulary Building Course

Photo Credit: Dr Noah Lott

Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of the English language. If you do not have enough vocabulary, you will speak with pauses and hesitation. You will get frustrated when you can’t think of a word and you will not be able to fully express yourself in English. These problems can all be solved by improving your vocabulary, but the English language has more than 170,000 words. So where should you start, it seems impossible to learn them all.

This vocabulary builder course by Shayana can help you. Each level of the vocabulary builder course will enable you to learn a 1000 words used in daily life.

The lectures are clear and practical with lots of pictures to help you learn new words practically and effectively. And each lesson contains practice exercises that will help you to remember new words and put them into practice immediately.

Here is a brief over view of the different levels of the vocabulary builder course.

Level 1: Beginners and Intermediate

This level has 30 lessons that will give you a strong foundation of essential English words on topics like:

  • Daily life
  • Work and study
  • Travel and entertainment
  • People and ideas
  • Society and the world

Level 2 Upper-intermediate and Advanced

This level is for upper-intermediate and advanced students. This level also has 30 lessons in which you learn deeper, more complex and more colourful vocabulary. This level will take you far beyond the basic to improve you English fluency.

When you register for the vocabulary builder course you will get:

  • Instant, permanent access
  • Video, audio and text
  • No time limit for finishing
  • Online access and download

Are ready you to start improving your vocabulary?

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