Types of Research

Types of Research

Practical Research Problems and Conceptual Research Problem

A practical problem is that we find ourselves practically confronted with and which is caused by some condition. Practical problem makes us unhappy because it costs things like money, security, time and even more serious things like our lives. A solution to a practical problem is to do something and eliminate the condition causing the problem.

A conceptual problem is that which we are confronted in academic research. This is when we do not understand something about the world or the way we would want it to be. The solution to conceptual problem is not doing something; its solution is to answer the questions in a way that helps to understand it better. The condition of the conceptual problem is always not knowing or not understanding. Its cost is not unhappiness like that of the practical problem.

 Pure and Applied Research

Research may be divided into two kinds: pure and applied. When the solution to a problem does not have any practical situation in the world but improves the understanding of researchers, it is called pure research. On the other hand, when the solution to the problem has a practical situation; it is call applied research. Pure is theoretical and applied is practical. Pure is knowing, while applied is doing. However, sometimes, pure research can have applied consequences. A research may start as a pure research but may lead to potentially practical or applied solutions. Most research in areas such as humanities, social sciences and natural sciences have no applied meaning to our day to day lives. Examples could be like studying paintings of the ancient artists have no practical value to our day to day lives. This is only a pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

Pure research is not for

  • Money or power
  • Practical solution
  • Material gains


Pure research according researcher is

  • To know more
  • Knowledge for the sake of knowledge
  • Greater understanding
  • Richer life of the mind

Applied research on the other hand is a solution to practical problems. Examples of applied research:

  • To find ways to treat certain diseases
  • How to improve the conditions of the roads
  • Ways to eliminate poverty
  • Find ways to improve learning abilities of disabled children
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