The Language and Style of the Research Paper

It might be easier to adopt only one style throughout to maintain consistency in writing style. For example, to make bullet points or listings, one may opt for MLA style and keep it throughout the paper. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is a non-profit organization with members to share their scholarly findings, teaching experience and trends with one another.  MLA also has a huge database of International Bibliography. The database lists journal articles, books, websites and dissertations. It mainly consists source related to language and literature as the MLA is dedicated to provide support to the members in those areas.

MLA style of outline

It should look like this



Consistency in language means to be uniform throughout in selection of a specific type of language. For instance, if you chose to use British English, use it throughout from beginning to end. Similarly, if you chose to use American English, use it throughout. Using British English at one time and American at another will make the style and language inconsistent. If you are quoting, never change the spelling in the quote even if it is not spelt correctly. Foreign words must have a eration chart and be adhered to throughout the work. Use of a good dictionary is very necessary to check the spellings etc.

 Language and Style

Clarity and readability are essential to effective communication. In order to ensure clarity and readability and successful communication, it is important to keep in mind the kind of reader one is addressing to. Here are a few guidelines to ensure successful communication by using language and style appropriate to the reader.

1. Avoid Subjectivity

Good scholarship demands objectivity. Avoid language that is biased or prejudiced. Do not make unsubstantiated or irrelevant generalizations.

2. Avoid Sexist Language

When an expression refers only to a particular gender like he, she, him or her etc, it is classed as sexist and should be avoided as far as possible.

Example: A man is known by the company he keeps

It should be

One is known by the company one keeps.

Certain words unnecessarily integrate a person’s sex with a job or role. These can be easily avoided by replacing them with alternative words. For example, use police officer instead of policeman, anchor instead of anchorman, and flight attendant instead of stewardess.


A good dictionary is an essential tool to be used while writing a paper. One may regularly need to check for words, spellings, references etc. It is also recommended to use one good dictionary throughout. However, one may use different dictionaries because of the nature of the content.

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