Survey Finds Executive MBA Pays

The Executive MBA Council recently conducted a survey to find out the benefits of executive MBA programs. Managers and executive are not ready to accept the high opportunity costs to enrol on full time Master of Business Administration programs.

Here are the results of a recent survey conducted by Student Exit Benchmarking Survey.

Increase in salary and bonus 16%

Average salary and bonus before EMBA $135323.00

Average salary and bonus after EMBA   $157423.00

Promotions due to EMBA    37%

Reasons for popularity, Employers or Employees?

Recent studies have shown that both employers and employees have contributed to the rising demand and popularity of the Executive MBA. The employs would like to save the opportunity cost by continuing their employment while gain first class business knowledge and skills at the same time. Some potential students also get sponsored by their employers. This is a double advantage for those who get packages and sponsorship from their employees. As the employees want to both save money and their jobs, employers also want to avoid any major vacuum created by leaving employees. They want to retain them in order to avoid any human resource issues. Employers also see that such employees have been long serving in their organisations shall perform even better after gaining knowledge and expertise.

Another main reason is the growing and mushroom growth of online MBA programs. Recently, several universities and business schools around the world have taken the initiative to offer Executive programs online. This has an added advantage for those who, for some reason, are unable to attend the physical campus even on a part time basis.

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