Sentence: Definition and Parts of Sentence

what is a sentnece

A sentence is a group of words which expresses a complete thought. A sentence has two parts: subject and predicate.

  1. John works here as a teacher.
  2. Here teacher a works he
  3. Working teacher

In the above examples, we see that No 1 is a group of words that makes a complete sense. It expresses a complete thought. It is not just a group of words.

No 2 and 3 are also group of words. Do they make a complete sense? Do they express a complete thought like sentence No 1?

Of course, they don’t.

So, No 1 is a sentence while No 2 and 3 are not.


We also said that a sentence has two parts: subject and predicate.

Let us define subject and predicate.


Subject is a part of a sentence about which something is said.


A predicate is a part of the sentence which says something about the subject.

Let us explain it with an example.

David goes to school by bus.

In this sentence David is subject and goes to school is predicate.

Why is “David” subject?

Because we are told something about David. Correct.

And why is “goes to school by bus” a predicate because it is the part of the sentence that tells us something about David i.e. the subject.


Ok, I hope you understand it now.

Subject and Predicate

Now it is your turn

Complete the following exercise and write your answers in the comments section below.

Winner of the jobExercise

1. Which of the following is a sentence?

  • Rashid is an intelligent student.
  • Intelligent student
  • No is student

2. Write the subject and predicate of the following sentence.

Mary loves to eat oranges.

Write you answers in the comments section below.

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