Saint Leo University Online MBA Program

Do you want to accept a New Year’s challenge and embark on the road to enhance your managerial and leadership qualities? Saint Leo University offers an online MBA Program for potential candidates to sharpen their skills and attain fresh heights in their career.

In a recent press release, Saint Leo University claimed that their program targets to prepare such MBA graduates who would be able to analyse and find solutions to complex business issues. This is achieved by educating and teaching them the skills that will make them highly successful leaders. If you are experienced enough and want to further advance your professional career, the Saint Leo University offers an online program which is not only flexible and easy to follow, but also a great means of attaining and integrating business education with your hectic life.

 What Does Saint Leo offer?

The University offers a number of online programs in several subjects. Following is a list of concentrations currently being offered at the University online campus.

  1. Sport Business,
  2. Marketing
  3. Accounting
  4. Information Security Management (ISM)
  5. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  6. Health Care Management (HCM)

 Is the Saint Leo Program Accredited?

Yes, it is. The program is accredited by IACBE which stands for International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. It is an accrediting body of professional standards for business programs worldwide. The university also claims it has the highest form accreditation known as “University-wide regional accreditation.”

 Who are at the faculty?

Among many others, Dr. Michael and Dr. B.Tim Lowder are the prominent faculty members at the University Business program.

What is the admission procedure?

Straightforward, indeed! It is advised to plan ahead so that you are ready to submit all the requirements. Here are some of the requirements you will need to fulfil when applying for the online business program.

  • Online application
  • Written statement summarising your goals
  • Two references (professional recommendations)
  • Current resume

Is GMAT Required?

If you have GPA of 3.0 minimum with at least five years work experience, the no GMAT is required.

What happens after you submit the applications?

Once you submit the online application and meet all the requirements, you shall be interviewed.

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