Psychology and other sciences

Psychology is related to many other social sciences such as sociology, economics, psychiatry etc. Social sciences deal with the social needs, wants, desires, issues of man and tries to find their solutions. Psychology, too, deals with these issues both on individual as well group levels.  It, therefore, has an intimate relationship with other social sciences.

Psychology versus Psychiatry

The question often arises among the students that what is the difference between the two? They are somewhat related but they are different in several respects. Here a couple of differences.

1. Difference by Degree or Educational Difference

This refers to the type of degree a psychologist or psychiatrist pursues during the academic course. A psychologist normally would have a 4 year undergraduate, 2 years master and 3 years PhD. In some countries it may be 3 years undergraduate, one year master and 3-4 years PhD.

Psychiatry on the other hand is a medical degree and usually one many need to get MD to be a psychiatrist. To become a psychiatrist the educational course may run as follows

4 year under graduate degree

4 year medical degree

3 year residency in psychiatry

As psychiatry is a medical degree, so anyone who gets that degree may able to prescribe medicines.

2. Mode of Therapies

As mentioned above psychiatrists are medical doctors and their main task is to prescribe medication for mental illnesses. Psychologists, on the other hand, offer counselling and consultation without any medication. In some countries, however, it is difficult to clearly demarcate the boundaries.

Psychology Vs Sociology

Sociology is a scientific study of human social behaviour. It focuses more on the social aspect of life as collective behaviour. Primarily it is the science of social institutions and social behaviour. Community, political systems, economic issues, family issues, group behaviours, organizational issues etc all come under preview of sociology.

Psychology, on the the hand, deals with the study of individual. Its main focus is the study of mental processes and behaviour of individuals. However, individuals live in groups and society. Psychology extends its scope to the study of human individual behaviour in social contexts. This is referred to as social psychology.

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