MBA is a human tale

MBA is a search  to become more human rather than simply a business about business. Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry wrote an article in which was also published in the Washington Post online. The authors excellently analyse what one can learn during an MBA course which otherwise could not be learnt. Here is a recap of the article.

 1. The Quality of Professors

At every institution there are a few professors who are brilliant and they rock your world. It is easy to learn balance sheet, read and understand ratios or a profit and loss account from anywhere else. What one misses in the how to guides or books is the real connection with a brilliant professor who connects with the student in a “visceral way” which goes beyond the content.

 What we saw in Boston was that the single most powerful value, the real reason to get an advanced degree in business, is the quality of the professors. Of course, not all are brilliant, nor will all move your soul, but at every institution, hopefully there are a few who will rock your world.


The authors describe how those rocking professors could move people into tears as it was mainly a human tale.

And finally, professor Clayton Christensen, author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” dazzled 500 of us with a management conundrum that not only challenged the business principles we have all learned, but in a moment of deep humility, he told a personal story about himself that put the room in silence and some in tears.


2. Interaction with Students

The second most important experience is interaction with students. You cannot learn this experience mere from guides, books or articles on the internet or elsewhere.

Here are the main ideas that the authors have excellently explained.

  •  MBA is less about the business of business
  • It is more about a search to become more human
  • MBA is to truly to embrace leadership from the human tale.
  • The tale is delivered with passion, humor and deep humility.

Source: Signon Sandeigo


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