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Listening is one of a major problems for the students of English language. This problem gets even bigger when it comes to listening to native speakers. My students always complain that it is very difficult to understand native speech. They find them so fast that everything just pass by their ears without any making sense out of it.

I know that! You have a problem in English listening.

This course will sharpen your listening skills in no time. Click here to register for the course.

Improve you English Skills

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There are three main reasons that you find listening difficult even though you know grammar and have built a significant amount of vocabulary.

First, the written form of English is different from its spoken form. Just think about these words

  • Although
  • Thought
  • Enough
  • Tough

You see all these words have “ough” at the end, but they are all pronounced differently! Why because, like I said earlier, you write English one way but say it in a different way.

Register in this course to take your listening skill to the next level. There are so many techniques, tips and tricks that you will be simply amazed.

Second, most students of English find native speakers very fast. Yes, native speakers do not speak each word separately. They speak the whole sentence or expression in a natural way. Thus words and phrases get merged into each other. Here is an example:

Lemme givya anagzample.

Which in the written form is

Let me give you an example.

This is what you learnt it in your school or college.

The last reason is you didn’t get a chance to practice listening. In my own experience, most English schools don’t let their students practice listening. They teach grammar and vocab thinking that listening will take care of itself.

But, this is dead wrong!

Don’t worry! Shayana from Espresso English has come up with an excellent course to overcome all you listening difficulties. Click here to see…

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