Is Online MBA Controversial?

With every passing day Online MBA Programs are becoming increasingly popular both in USA and outside the States. They proliferate, yet they remain controversial. Almost all top business schools have their own online MBA programs with pretty much high fees and costs. The program is popular among the working managers who for a variety of reason are not able to be on the phsycial campus. The trend is growing with a speed. However, according to every one does not admire this trend.

“”[A]n online M.B.A. has virtually no measurable value with respect to [the] job search and career management,” says Cohen, author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide. “Its only value is to the schools and private companies that market them to an increasingly nervous universe of worried workers.” 

Unfortunately, there is still a strange stigma associated with online programs,” says Emily Stancil, marketing manager at a financial analysis firm in Raleigh, N.C., and an online M.B.A. candidate at Arizona State University.

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