MBA and Leadership

Does MBA Make You a CEO?

Drew Hansen (Head of the Editorial Business Operations at Forbes) says that business schools have good intentions but make very little difference to produce potential leaders. The main reason, Hansen believes, is a shift in the business schools education. The business schools do not train tomorrow’s leaders but look at education of management more as a science. This has made MBA programs more to equip student with managerial skill and science of management rather than to encourage them to look at the big picture. Hansen writes:

“MBAs don’t develop this kind of judgment in business school. Only 36% of the top MBA programs require General Management in its core. Even Harvard’s case study method can’t replicate the highly contextual and nuanced nature of real-life business problems. To be effective, leaders have to maintain a holistic point-of-view, integrating knowledge of separate business functions to arrive at sound decisions.”

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