How to get into Harvard Business School

You can get higher chances of being accepted into Harvard Business School programs by following certain top tips. Here are few steps as a general guide while applying for the school...

Getting into HarvardAre you thinking of studying at Harvard Business School (HBS)? That is great! HBS is a very prestigious institute and thousands of applicants each year apply for admissions. Only 12 % applicants can make through the process to be admitted. This is because of the high standard requirements for anyone who wants to study at HBS. You can directly get detailed instructions, guidelines, deadlines and “the how to procedure”regarding admission to Harvard Business School on their official website. Here are a number of tips that shall hopefully help you to increase your chances of being accepted on the School’s MBA program.

Top 10 Tips to Get into Harvard Business School

1.     Get Organized

The school maintains a very high standard and only a few applicants can make it through to be accepted on the program. They look for a perfect candidate to fit in the role and mould himself / herself in their educational mould. The first step is to consider it as something like achieveing a great goal and make your preparation. Know as much as you can about the School; its policies, procedures, admissions, requirements, standards etc. This will give you a clear picture of yourself and what is expected of you. Oranzing makes it easier to work towards the goal systematically. So, get yourself organized!

2.     Entry Requirements

You must think to tread the road long before you step on to it. The first requirement of Harvard Business School is that you must have a four years Bachelor degree in any subject accredited in USA or its equivalent elsewhere. Although, it can be in any subject, a bachelor degree in business may be an advantage. So if you are still under graduate and your future aim is to get to Harvard, then you must work hard to get a good score. Higher grade GPA 3.66 or above are normally required.

3.     Filling the Introduction Page

What are you telling about yourself in the application and, enven more important, how are you telling that. You must put quality matter in an excellent manner and style. Present yourself in as best a way as you can. Write your introduction in a clear, lucid and perfect style. Make sure that you check and recheck what you write. No grammatical mistakes, spellings, inconsistencies etc should appear in your introduction or elsewhere on the application. Manner matters, and matter needs perfect manner!

4.     GMAT or GRE Test

These are the pre-requisites for entry into Harvard Business School. The minimum score requirement is 550/800. Go to the GMAT websites and thoroughly acquaint yourself with the test, materials, exams and procedures. Higher GMAT means higher chances of admission to Harvard Business School

5.     TOEFL or IELTS

Those candidates who come from non-native English speaking countries must pass TOEFL or IELTS to the minimum standard as set by the school. The higher the score, the higher are your chances of success.

6.     Qualities and Traits

The school expects certain qualities and traits from the applicants. There is no such clear list of qualities as set by the school; there are certain common traits and distinctive qualities that the candidates must possess. These are like:

  1. Leadership
  2. Intellectual Growth
  3. Analytical Aptitude
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Ability to thrive in the community
  6. Community Engagement

7.     Work Experience

It is a great advantage if you have worked in a certain roles in an organization. This shall certainly help in exposing your leadership and communication skills. Look back at your work experience and analyse your strengths and weaknesses. What situations were you exposed to and what leadership qualities did you show to deal with those situations.

8.     Prepare you Essays

The School requires the applicants to write 4 essays on each of the following topics.

  1. 600 words on your  three accomplishments
  2. 600 words on your three setbacks
  3. 400 words on why do you want an MBA?
  4. 400 words on questions you wish to have been asked.

Make sure your write your essays professionally,free from any grammatical or language mistakes. Read your essays again and again and make changes wherever required. It is always best to seek help or expert advice before writing your essays.

9.     Submitting you Online Application

Once you have filled you application and you are satisfied with everything, it is time to submit it. Just make one extra final check to make sure everything has been correctly completed. NO INACCURACIES!

10.  Prepare for the Interviews

Inter views are conducted by Harvard Business School in person, Skype or though hub cities. It is very important that you are well prepared and ready for the interview. Here are some tips to be successful in the interviews.

  1. Don’t get nervous. Remember that you are expected to show good communication skills. There is no need to be nervous as you either get success or failure. There is no third thing. So, why get nervous?
  2. Be Calm and confident. Speak only when you are asked a question.
  3. Listen to the question carefully. If you don’t understand, ask again politely.
  4. Answer all your questions only to the point. Don’t over speak.
  5. While speaking, look at all the members of the board individually giving them equal attention.
  6. Be dressed nicely.
  7. Have a great smile on your face.
  8. Don’t forget to thank the members once you are finished.
  9. Last, but not the least, DO NOT OVER DO THINGS!

Please note these are only general tips on how to get into Harvard Business School. For more detailed information please visit the School’s website.

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