How did MBA Sharpened My Skills?

Dr Julius Babayemi of Omnipark Dental Centre, Rainham, Kent writes in the the why did he chose MBA and how it helps a health professional to sharpen his skills. Dr Julius opened his surgery 8 years ago and has now 6000 plus registered patients. MBA covers many areas and practices of business. It opens new doors of ideas, opportunities and the knowledge to take your business to the next level. Without leadership and managerial skill, it would not be possible to effectively manage the business and people.  Management is the art of getting things done. This requires leadhership, marketing skills, planning, the ability to understand various aspects of business, the ability to manage people, and the effective use of resrouces to acheinve maximum results. How to get all this? The answer is GET MBA.

Dr Julius writes:

 I realized that if I were to effectively manage these people, including 8 staff members, I needed to acquire leadership and managerial skills. The MBA covers all functions and practices of a business. In turn, it broadens one’s horizons, opens doors and creates new opportunities. Others see an MBA as a career change or to gain more knowledge.

Choosing an MBA at the Kent Business School has added advantages. People often decide to chose Kent for two main reasons, namely: academic rigor and strive for excellence. The school is accredited by AMBA (the Association for MBAs) which is highly recognized authority on business education.

Despite many critics, the trend in MBA is growing and in the UK alone, it attracts around ten thousands students each year. Most students are people with work experience from a variety of background including health professionals like doctors, dieticians, dentists and even surgeons.

Dr. Julius considers interaction with other people from other backgrounds and regions as one of the most useful gain one can get during an MBA course. It needs time and money but is very rewarding too.

 One of the things I have valued most is meeting a myriad of people I wouldn’t otherwise have been introduced to. I’ve since teamed up with an industrial pharmacist and an engineer from South Africa and we’ve come up with a brilliant idea for the future, thanks to the Kent Business School.

Times have changed. Trends have changed. Concepts have changed. There was a time when business studies were considered purely by a particular class of people. MBAs were either fresh graduates or those having worked in some managerial positions. But now, MBA is meant for all. Whether you are a doctor or an engineer, a Dentist or Nutritionist, a hotel owner or a pilot, you need leadership skills, the knowledge to manage, and the art of getting things done effectively.

Source:  Asian Correspondent

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