Learn English Via Arabic

Learn English Via Arabic This course has been designed by Qadar Khan and is taught by Enas Al-Sayed. Qadar Khan is an expert course designer as well as an English teacher with many years of teaching experience in the UK and other countries.

Enas A-Sayed is an Egyptian native Arabic speaker with experience in teaching English. This course has been specifically designed for Arab speakers who want to improve their English with the help of Arabic.

Learn English with Arabic is an intensive course with a range of topics and lessons covered. You will learn

  • Grammar
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Iidioms
  • and general expressions with explanation in Arabic.

The course also features several sections of daily speaking English where you will learn English used in a variety of situations. This course is really All in One kind of course with explanation in Arabic.

For the students of the Home of Knowledge, the course is offered on a highly discounted price.

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