MBA Notes

A. General

  1. Real Life Skills for Prospective MBAs
  2. What is MBA?
  3. Why Study MBA? Its Benefits
  4. Plagiarise the essay and face the consequence
  5. Survey Finds Executive MBA Pays
  6. Saint Leo University Online MBA Program
  7. The Skills You Need To Know Before You Take An Executive MBA
  8. Thunderbird Executive MBA
  9. Why are There so Many Types of MBA?
  10. Stanford Graduate Becomes CEO
  11. How did MBA Sharpened My Skills?
  12. Why is it important to look for MBA accredited school?
  13. IGNOU MBA Distance Learning
  14. is MBA  Finance the most valued one?
  15. Harvard Executive MBA Programs: A Solid Investment
  16. Online MBA in Canada
  17. 5 Reasons for MBA in Hospital Management
  18. Steps to Prepare for GMAT
  19. How to Prepare for MBA Entrance Exams
  20. How to Get Into the London School of Business and Finance?
  21. Executive MBA in India
  22. The Pros and Cons of Online MBA Programs
  23. Top 8 Reasons for MBA in Canad
  24. How to Get into Harvard Business School?
  25. Manchester Business School

B. Marketing

  1. Definition of Marketing
  2. Market Share
  3. The Company Marketing Enivronment
  4. PEST Analysis
  5. Marketing Ethics
  6. Product Life Cycle
  7. The Importance of Market Segmentation
  8. Developing Marketing Mix

C.  Corporate Management

  1. Introduction to Corporate Strategy
  2. What is Strategic Management?

D. Economics

  1. Shifts in Supply Curve
  2. The Demand Curve
  3. Demand and Price

E. Accounting

  1. Source Document in Accounting
  2. The Accounting Equation
  3. What is Accounting Cycle
  4. Double Entry System of Accounting
  5. Single Entry System of Accounting


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