Economic Down Turns Couples with MBA Downturn in the UK

United Kingdom is known to be one the most popular places to proceed for an MBA degree. It has one of the top most ranking schools in the world such as London Business School, Manchester Business School, Warwick Business School, and Bradford Management Centre. That is to name only a few of them. Recent reports have shown that there is drastic reduction in the number of applicants to Business Schools in the UK.

Which Schools are affected?

Almost all of them. From the top ranking schools to the ones just accredited by organisation such AMBA, the number of applications for MBA has gone down significantly. There are 16 top schools which participated in the Financial Times ranking for the year 2012 received 10 percent less applications in 2011 as compared to the year before.

Where is the decline coming from?

According to a report, the blame goes to the new regulations for visas and immigration for foreign students which has adversely affected the number of students in the UK schools. However, it has also been reported that other factors such as rising fees, higher living costs, and the downtrodden job market are also responsible for the reverse gear. Apart from the reduction of international enrolment, the domestic number has also declined by as much as 15 percent. During the past three years of the UK worst recession the total number has fallen by 35 percent.


Source: Financial Times

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