CSS Preparation: How to Write a Precis?

In this video Naeem Khan explains about writing, understanding composition and how to write a precis.

The best exercise for writing is precis writing as it is also good for reading comprehension. When you are given a long passage and you reproduce the same message concisely and precisely. As we know that brevity is the soul of wit. It is reproduced in reported or indirect speech.

In a precis you cannot add anything, or you cannot agree or disagree with the author. So what you have to do is reproduce the same message in a shorter form. You remove all the ornamental parts and the extra details and just focus on the essence of the message.

Precis writing needs a lot of exercise. You have to grab the attention of the examiner. So the person has to say it is enthralling, it is bewitching and captivating.

Rhetoric traingle: the author, the reader and the context.

Words are units of language. So to decorate our writing we needs words of different parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs etc.

These words should be given a shape by grammar. If you want to make it impressive, try to use figures of speech. It makes the language persuasive. To become a good reader, do skimming i.e. just get the skimming.

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