Established in 1994, the Home of Knowledge has been a source of great inspiration for many people over the years. Since its beginning, we have always received a massive response from students of all ages making the Home of Knowledge a huge success. Here is a short introduction of its founding members.

Naeem Khan

Naeem KhanNaeem Khan is one the founding fathers of the institute who floated the idea of establishing an institute to fill the existing gap. Naeem Khan is an ardent seeker of knowledge with a first-hand command over several disciplines. He has been a teacher, a banker and Assistant Commissioner in the past. After passing the CSS exams with flying colours, Naeem Khan has been serving in the foreign diplomatic services representing Pakistan. A successful civil servant (currently in Canada), his true zeal for knowledge and genuine love for teaching remains insatiable.

Ziauddin Yusufzai

Ziauddin YusufzaiMr Yusufzai equally participated in his efforts to lay the foundations of the Home of Knowledge back in 1994. Father of the youngest Nobel laureate, Malala,  Ziauddin Yusufzai enjoys an international reputation for his social work, community involvement and fight for education. Ziauddin Yusufzai is a versatile personality. Popular in the international media, he has been termed as educationist, intellectual, poet and philanthropist. He is currently the United Nations Special Advisor on Global Education and also the educational attaché of Pakistan in its consulate in Birmingham, UK





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