Changing the Game Plan

Megan Brody is a student studying MBA at the Michigan State University Broad Graduate School of Management.  She was a successful journalist and writer, but the changing world of offline journalism and the big recession hitting the American economy has put Megan Brody in a difficult situation. She soon realised that “MBA preferred or required” were the new key phrases of employers advertising for new recruitment.

Megan’s story is published in Business Week 31st October, 2011. She writes:

The competition for jobs was fierce as unemployment climbed and more job seekers, unhappy with their current situations, were also searching for new positions. I managed to secure several offers, but the salaries and responsibility levels were not what I had expected. It became clear to me that if I didn’t have an MBA, the jobs and type of career I wanted would remain out of reach. Additionally, I enjoyed the commercial real estate field, but I had a desire to switch from business-to-business marketing to business-to-consumer marketing in a brand manager role. Typically, these employers wanted candidates who were already experienced in B-to-C marketing, and this developed into another roadblock.”

For Megan Brody’s full story you may visit Business Week.

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