13 Accounting Softwares You May Choose From

Gone is the time of big and thick hand ledgers, cash books, and other accounting ledgers and books. With the advancement of technology, it now a lot easier, quicker and more accurate to keep accounting records and producer reports. Not only that, with the help of these accounting software, we are now able to produce detailed customized reports tailored to our own business requirements. It does not take more than a few clicks of a button to have a report from a particular angle. Here are 13 accounting software which might help you to solve your business book keeping and financial reports problems.

1. Great Plains accounting software

[simpleazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00631JBZU” locale=”us” height=”74″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41o7ViRHx3L._SL75_.jpg” width=”75″]Great Plains, or Microsoft Dynamics GP, is an Accounting software from Microsoft that can be used by any size business. It is also made to integrate with other Microsoft Office programs so you can easily import information from Dynamics GP to Excel or Word and vice versa. Microsoft also touts that Great Plains provides a familiarity of use since it is similar to other MS Office products. The Enhanced Reporting capability feature makes it fast and easy to see exactly what is going on with your business so you can make decisions more precisely and in a timely manner. Through it’s Modular design it allows you to integrate only the[phpzonsidebar title=”Popular Software” keywords=”accounting” num=”10″ country=”US” searchindex=”Software” trackingid=”mustbeautycom-20″ sort=”none” id=”2″] add-on’s you need as your business changes, including one that verifies credit card charges in real time. It supports custom applications unique to your business so that is can be tailored exclusively for your company.

One of the benefits of Great Plains is the real time updates and information sharing which allows everyone to access the most current information. Another is the programs ability to help track the smallest quantity of inventory needed based on customer demand, so ordering too much stock will not pose a problem for you. This is a feature that can really save small business owners money. Great Plains can track project status’s and even department performance easily so you can better monitor your business. It can also help optimize customer service by keeping you updated on what your customers want within your range of capabilities.

If you are reviewing whether or not Great Plains is right for your company, consider the fact that it is from Microsoft. Microsoft is a company dedicated to research and development, so improvements for their products are readily available. Indeed you may be able to upgrade Dynamics GP so you don’t need to spend much money on upgrading your accounting software on a yearly basis; as is the case with other accounting programs.
2. Easy accounting software

[simpleazon-image align=”left” asin=”B008414ZYY” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41r-hOhCM%2BL._SL160_.jpg” width=”117″]You want to be able to find easy accounting software that only takes a few steps to understand. Quickbooks is one of the most common easy accounting software that you can find. Quickbooks is easy accounting software that so many small businesses and individuals use that there should be plenty of your friends and neighbors who would be able to tell you how to use their different programs. The software is good for accountants who deal with the daily issues that businesses and wealthy people face. The business owners that are out there can use the data in order to focus on business performance.

The software that you can find is important for creating good reports, data and charts. The software that you use in these situations whether it comes from Microsoft, Oracle or Cisco Systems for example can also be used during tax time. The software can be used to help people figure out how much exactly they owe on their capital gains taxes if they sell a number of stocks on a yearly basis. Capital gains taxes can be expensive and the software will help you.

The software can be bought for any where two hundred dollars to four hundred dollars. The software can be crucial to small business owners who are trying to figure out how much the interest on their Small Business Administration will impact their bottom line. Microsoft itself is particularly proud of their easy accounting software and it tends to sell well partially due to the fact that Microsoft is such a well known name.

3. Small Business Accounting Software

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is finding a reliable small business accounting software that can meet all of their different needs and give them flexibility in the future. Sadly, not all business accounting software programs are made the same. This means that you must consider a number of different factors when looking at the various types of software available to find the right one that will work well for you.


One way to be able to determine if a particular small business accounting software will work well for you is to read various reviews that have been posted. What happens is many of the people who have purchased the software will post a number of different reviews about the various strengths and weakness offered by each one. By carefully reading the different reviews on the internet you can determine which small business accounting software makes the most sense for your business.

Speak with Other Business Owners

Another way that you can find the right accounting software for your business is to speak with different business owners. In this particular case this is how you can be able to see if there are any strengths or weakness in the accounting software and what their customer service is like for the product.

Selecting the right business accounting software can be very challenging. By considering the above factors will help you decide which software will work well for your business based upon what other consumers have found to be the strengths and weaknesses.

4. Project Accounting Software

Over the last several years the world of business has changed at an incredible rate as numerous software programs have been developed to aid businesses in a number of different activities. For those businesses that often do large groups projects a special project accounting software has been developed with a number of distinct advantages. However, when selecting any kind of project accounting software you want to be sure to consider a number of different factors.

Is it in Real Time?

There are two types of project accounting software real time and batch. With speed of business changing at a rapid pace, means that you must be able to use a software program that will reflect the different changes in real time. This will help you and your staff to adjust to the different conditions by being able to see what is occurring in real time.

Can it work with the different forms of Accounting?

One of the biggest challenges that many businesses face today is the different forms of accounting that currently exist. This is because each business has its own unique needs and will often use a particular form of accounting such as cash or accrual basis to account for various transactions. When you are working with a large group you want to have an accounting software that will let you use ether form to adapt to various changes that are occurring.

Clearly there are numerous project accounting software programs to choose from. By considering the above factors when purchasing your accounting software will help you to find one that can bring flexibility to your business. This is a key to being successful in an ever changing world.

5. Restaurant Accounting Software

You can find plenty of restaurant accounting software out there. There are plenty of online sources that seem to provide good restaurant accounting software. You can find some of this restaurant accounting software through the conduit Business.com. The chances of finding quality restaurant accounting software are pretty good in this modern day. The groups that are out there such as the National Restaurant Association will help you find restaurant accounting software when necessary. There are a lot of powerful people within the National Restaurant Association who could even finance making sure their friends in the restaurant business have quality restaurant accounting software.

Companies like Quicken and Microsoft have created restaurant accounting software that restaurants can use in order to keep track of their company’s finances. These are financial programs that are so helpful to the restaurants and the other small businesses out there. The restaurant owner can actually buy complete restaurant accounting software for around thirty dollars through several different online sources such as businessoftware.com. The sources like this should be so welcome because they can connect business owners from around the world to one another.

This kind of restaurant accounting software can be helpful whether you happen to own a restaurant in the state of Nebraska or the state of California. You can find some of this restaurant accounting software at much larger online retailers. A lot of this restaurant accounting software is something that a tax professionals needs to understand as well if their clients happen to own restaurants.

6.Web Based Accounting Software

Are you looking for some simple, flexible software for your accounting tasks? In that case, you should consider using web based accounting software. With the growth of the internet, there are many applications which can now be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. This eliminates the need to install the software on each and every computer that it will be used on. Another advantage is that the data can be stored and retrieved on a central server, thus making it more easily accessible for users immediately. This in turn eliminates having to wait for another user to send you files that need to be worked on, thus increasing productivity.

Many companies, both large and small are turning to web based accounting software solutions for their needs. New platforms such as Java and Flash allow users to run complex applications straight from their browsers, which was previously not possible. There are also robust and secure solutions for the storage of data on a server. This would eliminate many problems associated with files that are lost by error and secure your information from falling in the wrong hands.

Web based accounting software is also very convenient in case the users need to travel frequently to different locations, such as for meetings, business conferences or to attend trade shows. That way, accounting work can be done on any computer which has access to the internet, and not just on laptops that have had the accounting software installed on them already.

7. Simple Accounting Software

Are you in need of a simple accounting software program? There one very popular program that any individual can acquire easily, inexpensively, and use with ease. This program can be used to keep track of every financial aspect of a business or for personal use.

One basic program is Quickbooks. This program was originally designed for a small business, but people who do not have a business use this, too, for their own personal finances. One great thing about this program is that a person can get rid of the piles of paperwork that is always on the desk. No more hunting for certain paperwork that may take hours to find, especially if someone has been busy and the desk is one huge pile up of paperwork.

Quickbooks allows someone to save any financial data they need to, including receipts, so when it is time to file income tax returns, all someone has to do is turn on the computer, open up their Quickbooks program, locate the receipts where they were saved, and print them out. This simple accounting program has many more wonderful tools that come with it.

This simple accounting software has easy to use instructions and will show a person, step by step, how to set up the program. Any individual can keep track of financial information like banking, business transactions, bill payments, customer receipts and other records related to this, and one can even write checks with this program. A bank account and routing number will be needed for writing checks, but it is totally legal to do. No more spending money on checks. The possibilities are endless with this wonderful accounting program.

8. Linux accounting software

Linux accounting software can be used through Windows, Linux and OS/2 workstations. Many of the Linux solutions are compatible with older versions of “green screen technology” as well. Some Linux accounting software packages offer graphic user interface and. Using graphic user interface for Linux accounting software is widely accepted by accounting managers and is pleasing to the eye.

Vigilant is a software solution that is known for being a reliable Linux accounting software solution. This Linux accounting solution is mainly use in the retail industry as a tool for accounting for sales as a point of sales register. Vigilant is also used for other retail and ecommerce based solutions as a Linux based accounting software product.

Appgen is another well known solution provider that runs their accounting software solution from the Linux platform. The Linux accounting software solution by Appgen is highly flexible and it will accommodate and perform all financial and business operations via its’ software solution. Appgen also licenses the rights for resellers to sell versions of their Linux accounting software solution.

Data Pro Accounting Software is another Linux accounting software solution platform. It is known a being a high-end accounting and business technology solution. The solution gives business the advantage of beinf more fluid and more efficient. The system allows clients to provide better customer service as well as create unlimited potential to allow for an organizations growth.

The Data Pro Accounting Software for Linux users is also a graphic user interface solution. The graphic interface solution is a common feature among Linux based platform solutions.

9. Insurance Accounting Software

One of the most important details for a successful insurance business is its ability to maintain an honest and efficient software system. In order to adequately maintain insurance accounting, many of these companies and many healthcare providers are turning to insurance accounting software to handle all of their accounting needs.

Most companies are looking for their insurance accounting software to have a lot of easy to use features that tell them who paid what, and who still needs to pay. These companies prefer an insurance accounting software that provides its company with an after sale support system that they can call for problems regarding their software. This is particularly important to people who have no technical expertise to be able to get the answers to their pressing issues with their software.

Another thing you should consider when you are choosing the right insurance accounting software is its accuracy. Because insurance companies must keep large amounts of data, it is very important that they purchase can handle the amount of information efficiently and provide the user with information in a quick and accurate manner.

If your insurance company is considering purchasing this type of software, you will want to be sure to research the many different kinds of insurance accounting software. Check to see whether it is easy to use and whether or not you will get the benefit of having support services for your information intensive business. You will also need to see what others are saying about its accuracy to ensure that your data will be securely kept.

10. Manufacturing Accounting Software: Things you should know

Manufacturing accounting software comes in many different flavors. From low end “small business” packages to enterprise solutions. SAP is one example of Manufacturing and accounting software, which pretty much handles everything you throw at it; however, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. If you are looking for Manufacturing accounting software, the first thing you need to do is narrow it down to what exactly you need. Fixed asset management? Inventory Control? Human Resources? All of these are important questions that need to be addressed prior to purchasing Manufacturing Accounting Software.

Additionally, before answering the above questions, you need to decided what sort of scale you will need. Are you running a small manufacturer, that just wants to track customer orders? Or are you running a larger corporation that needs greater control over shipments? These too are important questions that need to be addressed prior to buying Manufacturing Accounting Software.

Finally, what kind of IT infrastructure is already in existence? Will you need to upgrade your servers and network to accommodate the new software? Or does your existing technology have the capacity to support a large manufacturing account software package? Will you chose to data farm or host the services in house?

Regardless, of the answers you may already have, all of these questions should-must be addressed before procuring Manufacturing Accounting Software. Not to have good solid answers, could cost a lot more than time and effort, it may very well cost the company untold amounts in lost revenue.

11. Accounts Receivable Software

Accounts receivable software is becoming more and more popular in the business world. Moving away from paper storage and into virtual record keeping has helped many businesses greatly improve their organization. Not only does it save space, and make things easier to access, but it also saves a lot of money.

A good accounts receivable software package will keep solid records of all the amounts your customers owe, and it will be able to print a detailed report showing all the information. The software also does graphs, and charts, to help you keep track of how your business is doing. If you don’t have good records, you don’t really know what you’re facing, and knowledge is power in the business world. Many business owners are shocked to discover all the things they’ve been missing when they finally switch their accounting into a paperless environment.

An accounts receivable software package can help you reduce your number of employees, by simplifying your record keeping burden. Many jobs traditionally reserved for expensive accountants, can now be handled entirely by software. That results in instant savings for any business owner and without any loss in productivity. In fact, the software can handle some tasks better than a person, so you may find that your accounts are in better hands than they were before.

Any business owner would be wise to give accounts receivable software a try. There are many packages available, and some of them have free trials. There’s no reason not to test the software and see if it can help your business.

12. Small Business Bookkeeping Software

One of the biggest challenges facing the small business owner these days is being able to establish and improve their procedures in the area of bookkeeping. It use to be that bookkeeping was fairly straightforward with the only real challenge being to understand how the ledger works and keeping it up to date to reflect the changes that are occurring. Now small business bookkeeping software has improved the way that millions of businesses are able to track their various bookkeeping needs. With it offering a number of distinct advantages for the business owner.

Track Your Money

One of the biggest problems facing all businesses both large and small over the last several years has been a lack of spending controls. This has been one of the main reasons why so many of the cornerstones of American business have been facing liquidity challenges such as Lehman Brothers. By using the small business bookkeeping software you can be able to see where all of your money is being spent. This will help you identify excess waste so that you can utilize the resources of the business most effectively.

You can Track Sales

One of the biggest advantages of using small business accounting software is that you can track the sales of the business. This will help any small business owner be able to effectively compare the overall expenses of the business with that of the sales, so that they can make any necessary adjustments early enough to avoid the challenges that some businesses encounter.

Clearly using small business bookkeeping software can help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business early. This will allow to adjust to changing economic conditions before they actually occur.

13. Accounts Payable Software goes Digital

All costs related to running a business can drain profits. If you are still mailing out your invoices, the time has come to bring this job into the twenty-first century. The Accounts Payable software available is faster, easier to work within, and you can see where the money is on a daily basis. Reducing errors and discrepancies are goals you should have for your business. With the automation of preparing your accounts payable, labour costs have seen a fifty percent reduction in costs. Storage for the old invoices is no longer a problem either. All of your documents are stored online in one handy place for you to use.

Its time to cut the paper trail and go digital with your office. The accounts payable software gives you access to your books twenty-four hours a day, from anywhere in the world. If you have multiple offices that share a bank account, you can save on all those phone calls going back and forth to determine who paid what. The satellite office can see, what you are seeing. Need to know if one of your contracts has paid up before moving on with their work, the information is at your fingertips. No waiting for your bookkeeper to bring the requested file. You have no need to dig though the file cabinet to locate that information. Accounts payable software is your information, available the instant you need it. The best way to bring your company up to date this year is in going digital.

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