10 Common English Words Mispronounced by Learners

10 words pronounced incorrect

1. Vehicle

Mostly incorrect because of the “h”. H is silent here. Play the audio to listen to the correct pronunciation

2. Chocolate

Some learners put the stress on the last syllable while it should be on the first one.

3. Breakfast

Learners put stress on the syllable instead of the first. They also make the vowel in the last syllable long whereas it should be short.

4. Interest

This simple word is mispronunced due to the stress which should be on the first syllable not the last one.

5. Pizza

This is the most tricky for learners due to “Z” letter. Instead of “Z” sound it is something like “tsa”.

6. Comment

Again the stress is on the first syllable not the second one.

7. Video

Most learners pronounce the “i” as “e”


8. Suite

Some learners pronounce as “soot” while others as “soote”. Its pronounciation is something like “sweet”.

9. Coupon

Some learners pronounce it as “kopan” while others put the stress on the last syllable.

10. Genre

This one is very tricky for most learners due the sound “g”

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